Interact with Intention. Create with Authenticity. Share with Love.

Some say first impressions are lasting, while others say they are unreliable. Some swear that your style is a way to share who we are silently, while some have not found their style. And while all of these statements hold weight and truth, this is not the time or place to be picking sides. We live in a time where we need to hustle for the pretty things.  A time where creating killer content, consistently sharing it and keeping it authentic encompasses the magic formula.

What if you could make an impression more then once? What if every day you made a new impression with what you share. In these times of social media, how you share you IS that impression.

Every morning a clean state. Every day comes with a theme. With a purpose.

You are here to inspire. You have a gift and talents. In many moments, you ARE the gift. You are entitled to live larger the life. You are meant for more then mediocrity. If you are here, you are likely too creative for a 9 to 5. Stop waiting. You are allowed to be BOTH a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time and I am here to help you be both. To teach you the elements that you wish to learn. To lift the weight of the things you haven’t yet learned, or have no desire to learn. To do and teach you all things with passion.

So make yourself at home in this space. Know that you can learn alongside of me, that you can outsource to me in the mean time, and that we can always work together.

What about when the work is done? We play. And we play hard. We play non negotiably for fulfilment. This is where, as women, we have the opportunity to build each other up. I dedicate most of my photography work to this very thing with my Boudoir Sessions. While it may be a photo session that you book with me, what you are actually buying is an experience, a feeling. A feeling that I hope you walk with the goal of recreating for yourself again and again. Who am I kidding. I KNOW that the toast we will do with the last sip of Champagne that marks the end of your photo session, the valet handing you your car keys and the empowering good vibes you will walk away with will inspire you to gloss your lips a little more, to treat yourself a little more kindly, and to commit a little extra time to recharge because you will be reminded that you are worth it. And while I have zero doubt you will fall in love with your photos, when I see what you do after your photo session for yourself, I will know that I have done my job well!


Founder StudioNinety9

GirlBoss of Everything