The Ins and Outs of Instagram. Taught One-on-One, in small groups and workshop format. From bio to bookings for small business to bloggers.

Insta365 will teach you the language of Instagram and how to find your authentic voice. Insta365 always begins with me leading you through 6 questions that will bring clarity to your Instagram presence and its overall purpose. By working out your bottom line goal, you will be able to work on building an authentic feed that will lead to a loyal and engaged fanbase, where quality trumps quantity.

Whether you have a personal account, business account or blog, this workshop will guide you to Instagram success.

How to do Instagram #likeaboss

We have all seen Instagram accounts that we wish were our own. We wonder “How did they get InstaFAMOUS?”, “How do people eat THAT MUCH FOOD?”, “How did they learn to take the perfect photo… every time?”, “I don’t travel that much, I will never have that many sunset and palm tree pics”, “How will I keep up?”. And the list goes on…

STOP. Rome was not built in a day. And I am here to tell you that some of the most intimidating Instagram accounts were. With the help of 3rd party apps, you could launch an account at 9 and by 5 have tens of thousands of followers. Will that bring you business? An authentic following? Or InstaHappiness? Hell no. Because (sponsored posts aside) 100 likes = $0

And that is the truth. 

Perfect photos are often not take one. They are practiced and over time a style is chosen and mastered. (If only you could scroll the camera roll on my beloved iPhone you would see the dozen photos that I often take to simply share my morning workflow or coffee, or the many dozens of photos to get the perfect selfie *God forbid there is someone else in the photo, that number skyrockets*)

If you are in business, starting or managing a small business, have a blog (or the exciting secret goal to be a blogger) then I cannot stress enough that Instagram is not an option, or a luxury, it is a necessity.  

Years ago Instagram was a cool platform to share our lives in photos with our real life friends and family members following along. The trend at that time was to use a couple of Hashtags specific to your photo in a quirky way.  Today Instagram is an amazing way to share your business, your brand and your vision on a worldwide scale. It is the place to connect with your ideal client, to inspire and serve those that are an authentic fit for you and your business and to be an accurate extension of who you are and what you do.

The Art of Sharing

There is an art, for lack of a better word, to every post that you hit to Share. And Insta365 is here to teach you that art. 

With my program, we will start at square one and work our way through Instagram until it is second nature allowing you to snap, edit and post your morning coffee #likeaboss (because nothing says Instagram like Coffee) 

Insta365 was designed to walk you through Instagram, in plain english. It was written with the average person in mind who doesn’t know what a Top Post or a Geo-Tag is. It was created to inspire you, to take away the intimidation of it all and make it crystal clear that you need it, that you need to do it well, and that you can. 

What will you learn? Read on…

  • Instagram101: through your own brainstorming, you will work through the foundational 6 questions that will bring clarity to your Instagram presence 
  • The Anatomy of a Post
  • Caption Styles
  • Speaking Instagram
  • The Art of the Hashtag
  • Tagging beyond the Hashtag
  • Instagram Etiquette
  • Creating Community
  • Posting Schedule
  • Posting Skeleton
  • Content Creation & Curation
  • Why (and how) to use Instagram Stories

This is just a glance at my Instagram program learned with real life examples and live posting alongside me to help you in real time! We will work on your posting schedule and skeleton together, and I will walk you through my favourite apps to help you become an InstaMaster capturing (and editing) life on the go! 

It will be fun. It will be focused. It will be inspiring. And there will likely be two Instagram faves knowns as Coffee and Donuts to welcome you bright and early! 

I can’t WAIT to inspire and teach you! 

*If you own or manage a small business, be sure to let me know so I can offer you group pricing!*


$ As low as $349
  • One on One Sessions
  • Small Group Sessions (up to 10 people)
  • One Day Workshop