Air Canada YVRWhile a photographers social media can be one full of photos that cross your feed looking effortless (leaving you wondering how the HELL someone possibly produced it) backed by an industry with an unspoken code of how to’s kept on the down low, I’m here to tell you that (as the saying goes) you (yes you) can sit with me. When we cross the perfect Insta post first thing in our day, it can be inspiring, with a side of daunting. iPhoneography is a game changer when it comes to getting “the shot” and learning to see and capture the world around you. Your edit then becomes icing on the cake for your photo.

I will share knowledge with you. I will teach you. And I will encourage you. All with your iPhone. And all with iPhoneography in mind.

Today I will do this by sharing 5 apps that I can’t live without. Chosen from the hundreds of photo apps that have funnelled through my iPhones over the years.

Let’s set the stage. I asked myself these 2 questions. First, if I was on a desert island (and because there is no wifi I am stuck with the apps already on my iPhone) what would I capture and edit the amazing pics I would be taking with? And second, how would I prep them for posting once I was rescued. Seems like a reasonable way to choose.

Without further ado, here we go with my Top 5 iPhoneography Apps!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express Not only does the app have a great built in camera, but you can upload a photo already sitting in your photos folder on your iPhone from your last iPhoneography inspired outting! You can also pull photos from other locations (Facebook and Creative Cloud being two of them) if you’re dusting off an old pic that was never shown any love. While there are many features with the free download of PS Express, when you upgrade for the very well spent few dollars to unlock and open up all of its features, you have access to different looks (think filters). You can crop, invert and straighten your image, edit everything from your photos’ clarity and sharpness, to reducing noise and adjusting your photos colours and overall exposure (think brightening the shadows and toning down any blown out highlights). If that wasn’t enough, you can use a series of frames. Why frame your image? You might be framing for a stylized choice on your Instagram feed (I have long debated using their Circle frame for a month long series), or you might be using (my often used fave) Vignette Black to help darken the edges of your photo helping to highlight the centre of the photo that you are editing like a boss. So overall, this makes my top 5 Killer Apps because of how incredibly versatile and user friendly it is.

2. FX PhotoStudio Like Photoshop Express you can shoot from within this app or import previous iPhoneography from your camera roll. You can then choose to crop your image to be square (SO Instagram friendly which I appreciate as my social media of choice). You can put to great use a number of effects that are categorized by their type (3D, Artsy and Blur being some of my faves). You can also do some simple editing as far as adding text, cropping, exposure and hues go. But this app is on my iPhoneography editing list for its colour splash feature (where you are leaving part of the image in colour, the rest being black and white). As soon as you tap this option, your image will be turned to black and white and it is now your time to shine! You can zoom in and bring back colour with the touch of your finger! If you have an edge or area that is tricky, you can also tap the black and white dial and take away the colour again. So. Cool. And so easy if you are either on the go and wanting to shoot/edit and post a great pic or are not a user of a desk top program to do this kind of edit! No need to limit your editing skills because you’re on an iPhone. (That’s why we’re here right?)

3. Font Candy So. Much. In One App. I could (and may) do a whole post dedicated to this go-to app. Looking to convert a photo to square size for Instagram? BOOM. Facebook Cover size? DONE. Twitter. FLY AWAY. iPhone Wallpaper. WHAT GENIUS MADE THIS? Why this app makes my Top 5 List is its sheer versatility for sizing and adding text to photos with ease. You can import your own photo and overlay the wording of your choice to create content or produce a quote worth posting. Not in the business of stringing inspirational words together? You can dip in to Font Candy’s great in app selection! By surrendering to this app you are able to use their sayings (sorted by themes like love, inspiration and travel) and their stock photos to create great pieces! Start with something, or nothing at all, and end up with something worth posting!

4. Lens Distortions Fog. Bursts of light. Shimmer Effect. Whimsical Overlays. One app has it all, and its this one. In my downtime, one of my favourite things to do is to hunt for a burst of sunshine creeping over a building edge (no one will tell me not to shoot into the sun). What happens when that perfect pic has been captured but you didn’t capture the perfect burst of light? You can outsource that job by uploading to this app. This makes my Top 5 list because its effects are made so that you can move them, fade them and alter them by things like colour and contrast (to name a few) to fit your photo. By being able to do this, you will end up with a great edit that will look authentic and make your pics hit rockstar status!

5. Ripl Is it wrong to play favourites? I know there has been MUCH praise above, but we are going to round out this list saving the best for last. Oh Ripl. How did I ever live without you. Being a frequent user and well versed in Photoshop as well as Lightroom I have created many a graphic over the years. This app takes the cake as far as ease, simplicity, and speed. Not too many colour choices, not too many styling options, not too many fonts to obsess over, just the right amount. Definitely a case of quality over quantity with a side of ease. It does come with a monthly subscription fee, if you are running a business, this fee is a no brainer. Not in business? Consider the subscription fee a way to create pieces to easily document your life with class, colour and style. (Not sure you want to commit? They do offer a free 7 day trial.) While you will need to have a ready to go photo to create the graphic of your dreams, the apps above will help you get there and as your iPhoneography gets under way, you will have lots to choose from before you know it!

Happy Shooting! Enjoy editing your iPhoneography like a pro on the go! And when you do, be sure to tag me so I can see!

**Note: the image used in this post was shot with my iPhone6 and edited with the first 4 apps on my Top 5 list. The graphic used to promote this post across my social media was created with Ripl**