Hi Babe + Welcome!

StudioNinety9 is a mecca for mindset, built for the woman who wants it all (and wants it delivered)

Built with a passion for the growth, inspiration & empowerment of women, I lead others through the inner world of mindset, teaching the action of living with intention & learning the core truth that the things you are dreaming of are the very things meant for you

Our thoughts make up the landscape of our mind. We can plant seeds of inspiration & creation, actively choosing what we allow to grow. Or, we can remain a product of our current environment, our habitual thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears & habits

The truth is, what we aren’t actively changing, we are choosing

The universe is never testing or punishing us, it is simply responding to us

Every day we each have the opportunity to invest in ourselves with the resources of our time, money & energy

The secret sauce when using your resources is to marry them with intention & action – this is one of my favourite things to teach & watch others learn

I am on a mission to inspire women to unapologetically pursue & build their dream lives. If you feel called to join me, you can connect with me on Instagram, explore my Signature Program here or sign up to receive my newsletter The Mindsette Daily here

I want you to dream BIG & reflect on ways to take small inspired action in the direction of your dreams

I believe in you,

xoxo Jess