Hi! I'm Jess, and I work with creative bosses empowering them to build their DREAM LIFE with PURPOSE through coaching!

ROLL CALL | If the process and vision that you hold is crystal clear on one end and clear as mud on the other, there’s a good chance you are craving clarity.

TRUST ME when I say I’ve been there. Clarity is found through the use of tools for discovery and personal growth while implementing systems that will bring you from where you are to where you want to be. My mission is to inspire you to unapologetically pursue and build the life of your dreams. I believe that we ALL possess what is needed to bring the life we are dreaming of to reality.  It is within you, it may be buried under a lifetime of the beliefs, doubts, criticisms and fears of others, but together, we can uncover your dream life, your passions, your vision.

If you are ready to make a proclamation of your passions and vision, but lack some certainty, support and accountability, investing in yourself with a coach is the logical next step.

As your coach, I expect you to SHOW UP with a commitment to be honest with yourself, to be transparent, to seek clarity and dream big, then to trust me as we break down that dream into actionable steps that you can take from DAY ONE.

Consider me your mindset + biz bestie. Your biggest cheerleader. The one who will celebrate every achievement, both big + small, and bring the Champagne when you call to announce that you have arrived.

Each of our journeys will be unique. I have walked the path of personal growth. I have learned that pursuing goals and dreams is often a lonely path. I have lost friends in the process but found authentic fulfillment. It is not for lack of vision that people stop themselves from fully showing up as the person they know deep down they are meant to be, I believe it is out of fear, lack of support and the guidance on how to make the next steps actionable.

Essentially, I invested in myself and became the person, the coach, that I needed. 

When you understand WHO you are and WHAT drives you, you're ready to take the wheel in the direction of your dreams

I am passionate about coaching towards clarity, always pursuing with both balance and alignment. I will consistently show up to remind you that comfort zones are where dreams go to die, so get ready to be comfortable with uncertainty and pursue a life of freedom through progress and authentic living. 

As your coach, I take a modern approach while honouring very classic foundational steps in coaching always taking into account Business + Mindset, which is my niche in coaching. Things we will look at and work through… 

  • Life + Work Balance
  • Areas identified in need of shifting
  • Agreement on the purpose of coaching
  • Self Identity
  • Core Values + Beliefs
  • Real + Ideal Life
  • Life Vision + Purpose
  • Clarity on Mission + Fulfilment / Passion Project
  • Goal Setting with Actionable Steps
  • Identifying Obstacles + Challenges
  • Accountability
As a NEW client, you have the option to break your first session 90 minute session into two 60 minute sessions. You will leave your first session with some work to accomplish and you will book your next session when that work is complete!

Trust the process and let the journey begin! ~Jess

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