Spend 90 minutes focused on brainstorming, sorting and setting your goals. Ninety minutes spent gaining clarity and making a plan with my 30/60/90 Day Goal Setting Method breaking down your goals for the year ahead to see them successfully achieved! 

Some goals are SO BIG or involve other goals being met first that they need special attention and understanding. These goals are often a goal for the year ahead, but not the next 90 days. Some goals are life goals and belong on a vision board as the season of life is not yet here and/or they involve other people or circumstances.

Knowing where to start (aka where you are now), recognizing how to break down your goals and accepting what it is not yet time for are all signs of maturity and a commitment to your own success. 

You have the option to meet online or in-person for these sessions that will bring your goals to life, have you addressing, facing and owning the obstacles you may face to achieve them and an action plan to move them forward starting with the 30 days that follow your session!

Small group sessions also available for groups of 3+

 Your Goal Setting Session Will Include:
  • Mind map style brainstorming of your ideas with sub-ideas
  • Categorizing those ideas into current goals, annual goals or life goals
  • Recognizing WHY those goals are truly important to you
  • Reflecting on the ABCs of your goals: recognizing what you want to Achieve from meeting your goal, a Benefit of meeting your goal and/or the feeling you want to Captivate from each goal
  • Recognizing the obstacles + challenges you will face to realize your goals
  • Brainstorming how you will overcome those obstacles
  • Finalizing your goals for the 30/60 + 90 days following your session

Goal Setting Starts