Why to Archive ...

Before the super easy instructions on HOW to archive, let me share with your WHY you need to archive your Instagram Story content.

When Instagram rolled out Highlights in December 2017, they opened up the option to keep your stories “live” for longer than their previous 24 hour life span.

There’s only one catch – you have to have your stories set to archive to make them an option because your Highlights pull all of their content from your archived stories.

Your highlights are an amazing way to categorize your story content allowing your followers, new and old, to catch up on content they may have missed or want to view again. If you have reached the golden number of 10K with your followers and opened up the Swipe Up feature on your stories, this will also move over to your Highlights. Meaning if you wrote a blog and had a Swipe Up on your story sending viewers right to it, they can do the same from your Highlight.

If you use your stories to poll your people (which you should be taking advantage of daily as it’s Instagram and market research gold..) the results will live forever on your Highlight as well. Currently, you can not see WHO viewed your archived content after its 24 hour story life span and that’s OK – because the real stat you need are poll results, which are forever available to you.

A few easy steps, and you will be archiving your stories, making all content posted to your stories available for future use as a Highlight.

1. Go to your profile and tap   to open up your profiles menu

2. TapSettings

3. Tap Privacy and Security

4. Tap Story Controls

5. Tap Save to Archive making it blue (turned on) so that photos and videos from your stories are automatically saved in your archive.

Once your stories life span of 24 hours is complete, only you will have access to your archived content until you use it again on a future story or add it to a Highlight!

You can also save your posts to your phones camera roll here too. It will save as posted, with any filters or text you have added to it.

Personally – I don’t do this as I usually have the original photos on my camera roll. For videos captured within Instagram stories, they are either a piece of content I will exclusively use on Instagram so an archived copy is enough OR I will simply save a video clip manually to my camera roll to keep and/or use outside of Instagram.

If you haven’t set up your Instagram Highlights yet, or are looking to bring them to the next level, check out my blog on Creating Custom Highlight Cover Photos to get you started HERE.