Highlight Your Presence

Instagram rolled out Highlights in December 2017 and if you aren’t using them, you need to drop everything and add them to your Instagram presence stat.

Highlights should be two things: branded to you and your presence + the best of your Instagram story content. Take note of that word “story”, social media is ALL ABOUT telling a story to your ideal viewer to have them do what you want them to do. Instagram stories allow a story telling life of 24 hours, your Highlights should be the highest viewed items of that content as they will be live as long as you leave them up.

Example? All you had to do was ask. Let’s say you are a hotshot fashionista blogger who loves coffee and Vegas. Your stories should cover these topics, often. You are not posting to everyone, you are posting to your targeted reader. You don’t want them to just look at your OOTD (outfit of the day) and keep going. No.

You want them to live vicariously through you, LOVE your content, take whatever action you are asking them to take and come back fro more.

That might be a vote on your outfit, a vote if you should have your coffee iced or not, it might be the invite to “tell me your fave coffee” on the question sticker, it might be a flashback Friday to your last Vegas trip asking if they have been to Vegas and if you should return *duh – yes, Vegas is always a good idea* and ultimately, you want them to go to your blog, read it and *drum roll please* share it in some way to THEIR followers.

SO if this is you. When you head into your local coffee shop, let them know your coffee is going up on Insta and that you’ll tag them. Shoot GREAT pics of your coffee, from different angles, in your hand, in the air, on the counter, an action shot of the barista (pro tip – ask for it extra hot so it’s still normal hot by the time your coffee photoshoot is complete) Now with ONE cuppa coffee, you’ve shot many days of coffee content. (Sub whatever your industry is for “coffee” – clothing, donuts, giraffes, houses, it all works with this same formula)

Carry on with ALL Highlight themes in this manner to build a ton of content, run it through your stories and have it all at your fingertips to tell amazing stories through your Highlights.

Here's the Highlight How To...

Click the “+” to add a New Highlight. This will pull up all archived Instagram Story content, videos and pics.

**if you don’t have your settings set to archive your stories click HERE to quickly do that. It will take you only minute to do.

Once you have tapped the “+” it will open up Highlight content options

The first thing you will need to do is choose a Highlight Cover photo. You will see everything that is currently up on your story and that has lived out its 24 hour life span on your stories. You need to run all Highlight content through your stories (even your Highlight Cover photos)

You can click HERE to learn how to create custom Highlight Cover Photos.

If you have created your Custom Highlight Cover Photos and they have either run through or are currently on your story, tap the photo you want to check it off and tap Next

Now you can Name your Highlight (you can always change this easily)

Tap Add and your Highlight is live! Congrats!

Adding Content to your Highlights

Tap the Highlight you want to add to

Tap the three dots on the bottom right of your screen

Select Edit Highlight

You will automatically be on the Selected Content for your Highlight

You want to tap Archive to pull up all archived content. This can take a minute if you have a lot of content archive.

You will be back to this screen where you chose your Highlight Cover Photo (aka your archived content)

Scroll and select content to add to your Highlight. Once you have tapped to select what you want to add to your Highlight (the pics will have a blue checkmark) simply tap Done. Easy Peasy.

Rhyme and Reason

This is why your stories need some rhyme and reason. Once you have planned the categories for your Highlights you need to back that up with story content that supports it.

Let’s think of the fashionista fashion blogger we met above who travels often to Vegas and loves coffee. Her categories might be FASHION, OOTD, COFFEE, VEGAS. So the stories need content in those categories to pull from.

What to pull? The best of the best of course.

Your Highlights will hold 100 clips (videos and/or photos) and will upload in chronological order. If you are uploading past 100, you will get a warning that the oldest clips will be coming down.

Every week spend some time in your Highlights. Watch them, add to them, and then remind your story viewers to check them out too! If your account is growing, then you will have new followers / viewers who may have missed your original story.

Happy Highlighting! Tag me @StudioNinety9 on your story so I can come see!