Monthly management with one focus – growing you a targeted presence, authentically and safely. Stop wasting your time trying to keep up with trends. 

I will work behind the scenes to grow your presence and following so you can get to work on things that your biz and brand need from YOU.

You have the option to choose your growth based on budget and speed of growth. What I am doing behind the scenes is best complimented with consistent posting *remember – consistency builds trust*

If your presence and/or business are just starting out, Prime Growth Management will consistently build you a targeted community of engaged followers, taking in to consideration your location, your niche, your ideal client and your competition. You can always upgrade your growth to Premium. 

If you are more established as a business or blogger with consistent social media presence through posting, investing in Premium Growth Management will put your presence in front of your dream clients 7 days a week. 

If you’re a fashion brand, a company that restores classic cars, or any other kind of business that can consistently create visually compelling content, then Instagram should definitely be on your radar. However, if you’re an accountant, probably not so m

Your Instagram Growth + Management will include:

  • Real, active + engaged followers within 24 hours of payment
  • Increased engagement on your posts, stories + profile
  • Building a targeted audience for your business / blog within your niche, location + competitors
  • Interaction with followers
  • Potential increase in sales + leads through your profile

What I do as your social media manager for your Instagram platform:

  • Solidify your target + engage within it
  • I put your IG account in front of your ideal client
  • Safely + gradually build your presence behind the scenes
  • Assist you in researching hashtags for your hashtag list + strategy

What I need from you:

  • Targeting details
  • Login details

Things you can do to enhance my services:

  • Post daily to your audience
  • Use call to actions in your captions
  • Know the purpose + goals of your presence