90 minutes, focused on YOU. Imagine, ninety minutes, one on one with someone who is as passionate about authentic presence and social media as I am in the growth it will take you to achieve success in both!

You have the option to meet online or in-person for these sessions that will bring you BOTH the clarity for your brand AND the purpose of your presence alongside the steps you will need to take towards achieving the success you dream of accomplishing.

As a new client, you have the option to work through a full Instagram Audit with me where we will review your presence ensuring that it is complete and on brand, I will show you how to be clear on your best posts and evaluate overall performance of your presence (what is working and what is not) We will do some work to understand your audience and set a plan for how you will maximize the Instagram platform. 

Your Biz Strategy Session will include these items tailored to YOU:

  • Instagram Audit
  • Review of your current accounts
  • Brand Palette + Mood Board
  • Biz at a Glance: Bio, your last post + last 12 posts as a snapshot
  • Discuss Biz at a Glance impression as the average newcomer sees you
  • Complete + update bio with link(s) and copy
  • The process to search + maximize your use of hashtags
  • A personalized hashtag list
  • Workflow tactics for growing a healthy authentic following of fans + future readers / clients
  • Recommendations on content creation + curation
  • Workflow of content curation
  • Recommendation of the best tools + apps for your workflow, tailored to you
  • A content calendar + plan for you to follow
  • Goal setting for you to take away from your session + complete
  • Discuss Biz at a Glance impression as the average newcomer sees you
As a NEW client, you have the option to break your first session into two 60 minute sessions. You will leave your first session with some work to accomplish and you will book your next session when that work is complete! 

Strategy Starts