Do you know that your current reality is a result of the thoughts you have been thinking? Which means that your current thoughts are creating your future.

Powerful right? 

This also means, if you are not in control of your mindset, your inner world, you are not in control of your future. What you are doing right now, is paving the way for the future that you can expect. If it is chaotic, unclear or stuck in a lack mentality, you are setting yourself up to be in the same place a year from now. 

What if you took ownership? Took honest stock of where you are? And then took aligned ACTION. 

What you do every day matters far more than what you do once in a while. Doing small things, consistently with intention will always have you come out ahead of making large gestures randomly, inconsistently. 

It isn’t about perfection, it never was. It’s about progress. 

Have you ever woke up feeling like...

  • you know there must be more to life than your current reality 
  • you wish you knew where to even start
  • you have creative ideas, but don’t know what to do with them
  • you wish you had a coach to guide you 
  • you see others living their dream lives + wonder how they got there
  • you are stuck in life
  • you wish you didn’t feel obligated to say yes to things you wish you could say no to
  • you just wish *and know* your dream life is out there, somewhere, somehow…


  • waking up CLEAR on what you want + new the action steps needed to get there
  • if you had the practices + tools needed to get in alignment with the woman you see yourself being when you close your eyes
  • having an understanding of the inner world of your beliefs, values + dreams 
  • living in a positive state, in alignment
  • having the tools for the moments (and people) that challenge you
  • finally having a tribe of like minded women to support you in the challenging moments + cheer you on for the wins! 
  • having a coach who will hold you accountable so you feel both guided + supported because girl, you are NOT alone
  • feeling inspired + fulfilled every day! 

What we'll be covering

Week 1 | Identifying your dream life

  • We get super clear on identifying what your dream life looks and feels like. Everything from your dream day, to what you dream of doing with your time, in your career, the kinds of people you want in your life, and the possibilities you wish you had coming to you
  • We also look at the money you will need to do it all and start your journey of a new and healthy relationship with money 

Week 2 | Identifying life’s perceived limits + learning your core values 

  • We take honest stock of your inner world and inner dialogue, determining what stories you are telling on repeat as well as what limiting and false beliefs you are holding on to that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be
  • You will begin the journey of daily routines, new dialogues + step on to your path of mastery to start showing up with confidence, as the future version of yourself who knows her worth, saying goodbye (with love) to the woman you have been up to now + thanking her for all she’s done while fully embracing that you are ready for more
  • You will learn your Core Values and how they differ from what you may have been valuing up to now

Week 3 | Saying Hello to Alignment 

  • We go deep into rituals and routines, including your inner dialogue, mantras and how to properly use them, meditation and how to make the commitment to show up for it daily (it’s easier than you think) and how to protect yourself from energy vampires (we all have them)
  • You will start taking aligned action in your own life while gaining a new understanding of time and learn that you DO have enough time to achieve your new rituals and routines daily
  • You will learn the difference between your top values + universal values and how to start living in alignment with them, using them as part of your new guidance system and compass

Week 4 | Declaring What You Are Now Available For *and never looking back* 

  • You will make a declaration this week of what you are available for, what you expect from life going forward and show up ready to receive it
  • You will learn my system of To Do, To Don’t + To Be Lists and use them as your pursue bringing your dream life to reality
  • You will walk away knowing how to bring the biggest dream down to actionable steps to take today + how to get clear on WHY you want these things. *WHY you want things is your job, HOW they will happen or show up is not

Every week comes with journal prompts, mantras + meditations, required reading + listening, suggested reading + listening, homework + a challenge. You will also have access to me as your accountability partner, your coach to lean on and bring clarity along the way and your mindset bff to cheer you on. The truth is, you CAN do this + if you are here, you are MEANT to do this, now.

Think this might be for you but you have questions? Drop 'em like it's hot...

The Aligned Mind is offered as a 1 on 1 coaching program for $1,111 CDN or in small groups for $777 CDN

Payment plans available with 50% payment required prior to start date

If this made your inner goddess scream YES + you are ready to start pursuing your dream life through the alignment of your inner world... then The Aligned Mind is waiting for you!