Have you ever woke up feeling like...

  • you know there must be more to life than your current reality 
  • you wish you knew where to even start
  • you have creative ideas, but don’t know what to do with them
  • you wish you had a coach to guide you 
  • you see others living their dream lives + wonder how they got there
  • you are stuck in life
  • you wish you didn’t feel obligated to say yes to things you wish you could say no to
  • you just wish *and know* your dream life is out there, somewhere, somehow…


  • waking up CLEAR on what you want + new the action steps needed to get there
  • if you had the practices + tools needed to get in alignment with the woman you see yourself being when you close your eyes
  • having an understanding of the inner world of your beliefs, values + dreams 
  • living in a positive state of high vibe + alignment with tools for the moments (and people) that challenge you
  • finally having a tribe of like minded women to support you in the challenging moments + cheer you on for the wins! 
  • having a coach who will hold you accountable so you feel both guided + supported because girl, you are NOT alone
  • feeling inspired + fulfilled every day! 

Think this might be for you but you have questions? Drop 'em like it's hot...

The Aligned Mind is offered as a 1 on 1 coaching program for $1,111 CDN or in small groups for $777 CDN

Payment plans available with 50% payment required prior to start date

If this made your inner goddess scream YES + you are ready to start pursuing your dream life through the alignment of your inner world... then The Aligned Mind is waiting for you!